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The human potential movement

An incredible testimony of the human potential movement, reprogramming your subconsciousness and “limiting beliefs”, the positive mindset, wealth manifestation and coaching empowerment industry.

I was saved while I was doing a “holistic counselling” course in a so-called “awakening school”. Most of the teachings were from channeled sources and had a strong emphasis on the law of attraction and rewiring your beliefs. I was a huge fan of the work of Byron Katie, the whole changing your beliefs and your subconsciousness. However in the end, it was basically manipulating your mind and gaslighting yourself. That any “bad” you see out in the world, is an unowned shadow/suppressed parts of ourselves… so continue to work on yourself more! You basically gaslight yourself without anyone needing to do it for you, “it must be me as I am the creator of my life, my beliefs create my reality”.

It seems empowering and positive and you have some “control”, however it can easily lead you away from God and instead think we are the “creators” of our own self-entitled lives.

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