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Hi, I'm Christine!

The travelling evangelist​


Raised in Auckland, New Zealand, travelled to 50 countries, saved in Australia, currently in London.

From new age tantric teacher to Jesus.

Saved from shamanism, mediumship, tantra, self-equiry meditation, plant medicine, feminine goddess work, mother earth worshipper, trying to constantly heal in workshops.

Dearest soul, I spent 33 years of my life trying to do life without God’s presence. I strived, toiled, distracted, numbed myself, tried to create my identity and thought I had to do it alone. I had all this worry and anxiety. I couldn’t let myself fall, I was so busy all the time and I spent so much money on healing and distracting myself. One day the bible opened last year for me for the first time and reading His word changed me. I realised this was the Truth and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth and discernment cleared away all confusion. I found true love and it was only from God that could really fulfil me. His love is the great fatherly presence I was searching for. God's provision last year took me from Australia/NZ to Mexico, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Scotland and now I am here to share the gospel and the word of my testimony. Through faith alone and believing with your whole heart that Jesus died for us, was risen on the third day to give us everlasting life. We can be reconciled in a relationship with our Heavenly Father. God is real and He is our Maker.

Your beloved sister, Christine

Please reach out for biblical online support, prayers and fellowship.

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