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You found me.

I’ve travelled the world far and wide. Jungles, mountains, oceans, temples, valleys and lived in foreign cities (visited 40+ countries).

I confined myself in solitude to be in nature to connect with you.

I looked for you in teachers. Studied under gurus and tantrikas.

I spent $50,000+ on courses and airfares and retreats.

I participated in 20+ plant medicine ceremonies. Tried every psychedelic under the sun.

I have been in broken relationships, codependent and almost got married.

I bought all the books. Had all the oracle cards. Received all the ‘right’ guidance.

I gridded my room with crystals. Wore crystals for every purpose.

I did months of self enquiry - trying to find the awareness of awareness itself

I had a 2 hour morning ritual routine and an evening routine.

I meditated everyday.

But you were nowhere to be found.

Instead you found me.

When I finally surrendered and asked for You.


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