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The new age deception

Everyone is talking about the controversy of vaccine mandates, govt oppression and the never-ending lockdowns, while still dabbling in an even deeper distortion of new age spirituality and “dark love” shadow work.

This includes my personal testimony for the last 8 years in: Feminine “New Earth Leadership” Working on my “inner masculine” and feminine work Beliefs in 5D/7D+ ascension and planetary energies Human design and gene keys Gaia worship Self love and self pleasure practices Mediumship Priestess work Reclaiming my witch Sacred sexuality Shadow archetypes Spirit channeling Temple bodywork Dragon worship Plant ceremonies; cacao, aya, San Pedro, Oracle and tarot cards Yoga, Qi Chong Tantra Divination

I was accumulating all these “spiritual tools”, believing I was spiritually knowledgable in esoteric wisdom and on the ever-continuing quest of healing and becoming “more whole”, integrating my soul light with my embodied “dark” - my yin and my yang. Until Feb/March this year, I abruptly let it all go when I was filled with the greatest love I have ever known, our Heavenly Father’s. It was through the love and light of Christ and His word that freed me. It was the deepest matrix waking up experience I have ever encountered. My heart was renewed and His Spirit of Truth filled me. The biblical events surrounding Christ are all true. He died and was resurrected for our sins so that we may have a reconciled relationship with God and receive His merciful salvation. If you can understand truly this act of sacrificial love, it will overwhelm your heart on how much He really loved us. I am imperfect and flawed but His love is complete.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16


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