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The magdalenes

Women who are followers of Mary Magdalene, the ‘Left Hand’ path in new age spiritualism, please remember that she followed Jesus Christ first and foremost. She followed Him

I have been idolising the feminine disciple all these years, forgetting the true Christ teachings and of His death and resurrection. Due to my own wounding of not wanting to bow down to any male figure and desiring to be the empowered feminine leader, it felt more safe and suited for me to honour her instead of Jesus Christ. It “missed the mark”. It was only until I'd experienced salvation by His saving Grace I realised the actual path.

The ‘Magdalene Manuscript’ book has been utterly and completely distorted and incorrectly channeled like many other of “her” books. It is deeply inverted and goes against God’s word. It is disguised and influenced with occult teachings under the template of Jesus and Mary Magdalene being in a “tantric relationship” with the aim of raising the kundalini, the serpent energy, so Jesus as a man can conquer death in his Ka Body, the energy body. Looking back on it now, I am like what the ?!#%!, how was this even believable. I had no spiritual discernment back then. I was flowing between tantric communities and this book was passed around and recommended by many others.

These supposeably 'hidden' teachings are based on self work, seeking of ‘power’ and not requiring God Himself in the process, basically going against Him, on personal will and desire for enlightenment (definition of Luciferianism - look it up). I realised how deeply embedded the deception is, the authors were deceived believing they had channeled “Mary Magdalene” in these books, with no previous firm study of Scripture (the Sword of Spirit). It is easy to be tricked when false angels/spirit guides appear to you as a “best friend” and confidant, passing on “priceless" and "ancient” information. I see where distortion and inversion are deeply ingrained in modern spirituality and are based on rocky channeled information in these well known spiritual books. I repent for all the times I have recommended this book to others.

The fact they are stating Christ was a man who “perfected Himself” with sexual energy manipulation through single/double serpent exercises is massively incorrect. He was a man of God and knew what He had to do because of His love for us. He is so good in His ways and gave us a way to be redeemed. To deny this, is to really go against this act. Salvation is truly a beautiful thing and I am eternally grateful.

I know this may be controversial but I am seeing so many women embracing Mary Magdalene like a feminist idol, a so-called “tantric priestess”, when she, herself, was saved and a true loyal follower to Jesus Christ, Himself


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