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Spiritual support

The Good News:

Behind the scenes, I have weekly tea dates with my spiritual mum. We bask in God and read scripture. She’s 73 years old and has read the bible many times over and knows all the psalms. She has the biggest cheeks when she smiles and is the youngest person at heart I know.

I just want to shout out how much I love her! She has been a huge blessing on my journey. She keeps me in check. She says things “don’t run before you can walk” and reminds me to “pray on it”.

She protects me and sends me prayers nightly. Today I had a difficulty and she was like “right, leave it to me I’ll sort it out”. And she did! Never have I felt such motherly lioness love showered onto me. She sends me praises and songs and calls me her beloved daughter.

We cook lunch together, she plays the piano and sings songs of worship with me. We walk in the sun hand in hand, admiring all the gardens. Every minute with her is so precious and divine.

My innerchild and heart are so nourished each moment I spend with her. I am inspired by her service and I can ask her so many questions. She is prophetic and just has the deepest love affair with God.

Her wisdom is great, her heart is generous, her devotion to God is the most committed and her prayers are divine to listen to.

I am the luckiest woman to have such wonderful support. She gifted me her bible that she’s had for years, well highlighted and showed me how to do my first holy communion. With her love and prayers, I began my journey to God.

Finding God and her have been my two favourite things so far .

Lord, I just want to lift her up and please just shower her with your Love continuously more and more. Thank you for blessing me with her presence, love and guidance. May I have many tea dates with her, rich in scripture and your loving Grace .


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1 Comment

Dec 17, 2021

It is so awesome to have someone like her. Although I used to call

someone a spiritual mum and God show me it isnt scriptural. However we never had a such close relations like drinking tea or her sorting it for me. It was more like I will pray for you and any help I needed leave in Gods hand. No support. So it didn't work out at all. No connection or face to face encounters. Hence I prayed for like minded Gods people and he said He is bringing the right ones into my life so we can grow together . Family.

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