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Servant of God

When I was in the tantric biz, I was booked out for weeks and could travel to any country and generate clients wherever I went. I would blah out spiritual hooha and it was regarded as oh so wise and was told I must be some sort of goddess personified but really I was insecure and I just knew how to play the charmer.

Anytime I had a free slot or a cancellation, a session would "magically" come through. My "manifestation power" was on fire, I created a team to help out with my work, financial abundance would come easily and it supported my frivoulous lifestyle. I would create experiences to take people on a journey for "healing" and "liberation"; emotional expression, self love and hedonism. I would put on Metallica and the track "highway to hell" to help clients unleash their anger on pillows and get paid hundreds of dollars for it, in the name of "therapy".

Now I'm a servant of God... on a farm in Scotland, unknown somewhere, no income but fully supported by God's provision and care, might probably stand on some street corner tomorrow spreading the love of Christ. No one will pay to listen to me now haha.

I wouldn't have it any other way. His love and salvation is everything.

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