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'Person of Peace'

One day I was praying and I asked God to please send me a ‘person of peace’ in this little town. I was gardening outside and this woman approached me asking for directions. She didn’t understand much English so I had to share the gospel and my testimony with Google translate! I got her number and sent her resources in French. A week later she welcomed me to her home with Naela and we got to witness and sing with her. We left on our Jesus road trip and when we returned she had left the new age after 10+ years and is now going to be baptised soon! I connected her to local ppl on the TLR map and they welcomed her into the big family of Christ! Angels are rejoicing!!

This fruitful chapter is ending for now and I am now making my way to North of France, then Belgium and Netherlands

God is good! We got to witness to so many people, new and old friends, and share His word. Bibles were sent to their homes and now His light is being shared all over. Thank you God for redirecting me and keeping me in France and spoiling me with your delicious food

Find local fellowship!

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Hi Christine!

You are welcome to Denmark and you can stay with me❤️. Get in

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