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Look within to Look to Jesus!

When I was in the new age, people would have at least one Doreen Virtue’s angel card deck. She was a renowned Hay House author and made millions as their hugely acclaimed author, speaker and teacher. She has repented and withdrawn her involvement when she was convicted and she came to Jesus. However because Hay House owns the copyrights and royalties, her angel cards and content are still being published today despite her protests. It’s all monetary gain, occultic involvement and profit.

I used to be obsessed with anything from Hay House Publishing. I would listen to their Hay House talks and summits daily. I loved all their content and even expressed that I wanted to be a Hay House author one day.

I would lap up all their self help, personal development, new conscious thought content and follow all their teachings. It programmed my set of beliefs, formed “my truths” and developed my new age attitude. These leaders included Wayne Dyner, Eckarte Tolle, Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopera, Abraham Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Teal Swan, Anita Moorjani, Kyle Gray… the list goes on. I’ve read them all and idolised them as having all the answers for so many years. So much money spent on their books and cards!

Who wouldn’t want to manifest their dreams, create their best life, practice the law of attraction, use daily positive affirmations, heal your body with a conscious mindset, tap into the ‘quantum field’, find enlightenment and connect to your higher self. It all sounded great but there was one thing missing… God. It was all reliant on self, not needing a saviour, all done on my self-will and I was my own god. Completely self obsessed on self love, self help, self development… it was me watering my own plant over and over. I didn’t leave room for God to pour His living water and blessings upon me. It was when I got tired of the same stuff reoccurring and hours and hours of tools and practices, the endless cycle and hamster wheel of healing and processing, He then finally came for me.

Maybe, just maybe life is about knowing who our Creator is, allowing Him to love and heal us and pouring that love in service to others.

Jesus literally freed me from confusion and endlessly searching on fruitless paths by following new age trending teachers. He truly gave me the deepest healing and reconciliation in God. Holy Spirit gave me more Truth and wisdom than any published Hay House author can ever spew out. It is way better than any LoA, manifesting, self loving, positive affirmation and answers you’ll ever receive from any angel card. I fell in love with one book, the Bible, and His Truth set me free!

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