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I love God. I truly do!

Dearest friends,

I have been on the most beautiful love affair I have ever experienced.

I love God. I truly do. Holy Spirit flows through my heart and I am humbled by the kiss of His Grace. I cannot hide this love anymore, it was once a secret to my friends however I feel like I am hiding who I am now and am becoming.

I have never felt so healthy, my skin glows, my hair shines. I look in the mirror and I see God loving me. It’s so easy to love oneself when God loves you. I have stopped wearing makeup and my clothes are much simpler yet sweetly adorning. I am beautiful .

I am not affiliated with any church at this time. It is His becoming and my relationship with God. However I have been graciously gifted a fellowship of women for support. I am not Alone .

In this one week I have left courses, teachers, programmes and relationships. I saw how some of these were coming from a place of lack, low self worth, not feeling full, not valuing my own wisdom and feeling the answers were out there - “just one more retreat, moon rituals, one more workshop, my forever extending 2+ hr morning ritual, positive affirmations”... exhausting and expensive!

I can’t pick up an oracle card anymore and have set free my crystals back to the Earth. I am guided and protected .

My faith is growing and my faith is strong.

I will share more of my journey soon!

Thank you God for the loving fullness I am now blessed to feel in my heart.


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