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Goodbye grandad

Grandad passed away early this morning. He lived a full life and was quiet and humble in his ways. He understood me and accepted me even when we couldn’t communicate to one another. In his eyes, I saw only love, tenderness and acceptance. He was a peaceful soul. Any prayers would be appreciated and welcomed. Thank you.

I will be making my way back to New Zealand for a few days from tomorrow, the travel restrictions are being lifted at midnight. I feel fortunate that travel, without being in quarantine, is now possible between NZ and Australia. Thank you God for allowing me to be there for my family.

Heavenly Father bless my grandad and have mercy on his eternal soul; forgive his trespasses; grant him peace for he was a man of kindness, love, compassion and support; bless his departed soul and welcome him into the joy of everlasting brightness in heaven; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


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