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Feminine not feminist

I have been greatly deceived.

Greatly deceived by feminism.

Greatly deceived of what it means to be a woman.

Greatly deceived on how a woman is to be in the world.

Greatly deceived on how to love in relationships.

I went against my nature.

Against God.

I didn’t want to submit to any man.

Not to some “male authoritive figure”.

Anything but Him.

All those spiritual teachings I was told men should follow me and I was to lead.

To be the priestess, the empress, creating my ‘queendom’.

To become the ‘Divine Feminine Leader’.

Of the ‘New Earth’.

That I can create and “manifest” all my desires and riches.

I “deserved” everything I wish to dream.

Yet when I finally submitted to the Father.

I became the woman I always wanted to be.

To rest in my femininity.

To feel safe in my softness.

To be open in my heart.

I can give freely and trust easily.

I can receive.

I am God’s dream of me.

I thought I had to cultivate my inner masculine.

That it was all self-love and that I needed to love myself more.

That my relationships were a reflection of my inner feminine and masculine.

To marry my inner marriage. To make more of a commitment to myself.

To alchemise my soul from my own will.

Be my own family; my own father, my own mother, my own beloved.

Believing I was the one to make myself whole.

I found out it is only God who can alchemise me.

He maketh me.

Only He can deliver, heal and set me free.

I finally felt unconditional love when He graced me with His love.

I have the most divine Masculine.

The King of kings.

And I commit to Him.


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