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Faith and travelling

Hi everyone!

I have recently come to faith 6 months ago and God has taken me on a wild yet amazingly blessed journey.

I was living and working in Australia and suddenly was prompted to leave immediately then the country went into lockdown soon afterwards.

I am unable to come back to my home country New Zealand as it is completely closed for any arrivals (national citizens and non) and there are no more hotel allotments for the rest of the year.

I went to the embassy and there was nothing they could do. So I’m in a limbo, a wanderer, a stranger to all lands. I have been travelling from one Christian farm to the next, volunteering in exchange for food and accommodation on Workaway’s. It’s so rewarding and it’s taken me to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in.

I just landed in the highlands of Scotland today and we have beautiful highland cows and the land makes me want to cry. Before this I was in the mountain valleys of Portugal and in a quaint rural farm. I’ve learnt to milk goats, make cheese, bathe in waterfalls, ate the most delicious organic food and connected with many in fellowship.

I am travelling unvaccinated, have no income and yet God is making all of this happen. It hasn’t always been easy but His miracles, love and provisions are truly abundant. With God, all things are possible .

I love that I can connect my love of nature, travel, growing food, healthy living and God altogether. Even though I am unable to go home, He has almighty plans written and laid out for His children. I continue to step in faith and trust.

I realised today I am on my very own Pilgrim’s Progress!

Anyway have a blessed day and maybe I’ll meet some of you on my travels.

Praise our almighty God


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