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Hi, I'm Naela!

Undone by Grace

God wants you to go after Him with all you’ve got!
Don’t be passive in your search for Truth.
I often hear people say things like “I want to know God but it just hasn’t happened for me yet”. 
This is spiritual apathy.
It doesn’t make any sense.
God wants YOU!
So, if you TRULY want Him, nothing should stand in your way.
Whatever is stopping you from seeking God first in your life is NOT from Him & is not worth keeping.
“i don’t feel ready/worthy” is not an excuse either.
You’d never apply such broken logic to anything else you truly desire in life.
If you really want something, you go after it.
If you want health, you seek it through whatever means necessary.
If you want money, you put your hand to the grindstone & work for it. 
If you want an intimate relationship with someone you spend time with them, you get to know them, you show them love.
If you want something to grow you prioritise it, commit to it, pour time & energy into it, you fight for it. 
It’s no different with God!

If we want to TRULY know Him we must ACTIVELY pursue his heart.

God tells us that the only way to get to him is through his Son Jesus Christ, whom God sent to earth to be the propitiation for our sins & reconcile us to our Creator once & for all.

Jesus is the bridge between mankind & God.

He is the way & the truth & the life & noone comes to the Father except through him.

So if you REALLY TRULY want God, SEEK the Saviour he sent! Turn your eyes upon Jesus Christ & be reborn into his glorious Light. 

Don’t be passive! Be active! Go after the God your soul longs for with the same urgency you’ve been seeking to gratify your fleshly desires all these years. 

Run after the Lover of your Soul like your life depends on it. Because it does!

There’s NOTHING more important in this life than having a REAL relationship with the living God - the TRUE BIBLICAL JESUS!

He came to set you free from the bondage of your sin.

He’s the ONLY One who can give you what you so deeply need.

He loves you SO MUCH!!! 
And he wants relationship with you.
He died for you!

Please, cry out to him!

Do whatever it takes to get at the foot of the cross!

You won’t be disappointed.

Christ has promised us that if we seek him with our whole hearts, we WILL find him!

Naela: About Me

New age spirituality

New age spirituality tells us that we can find the Truth by “going within” and practicing “self love”. But this is a narcissistic fallacy. Self seeking will never get us anywhere but deeper in our own muck.

The false spirituality of new age is an egotistical vacuum, a hamster-wheel of striving, a bottomless pit of deception, designed to keep you so preoccupied with your SELF that you never turn your eyes upon the only One Who can actually SAVE you!

“Self-love” is ultimately selfish. True Love is self-sacrificing. All that “inner-work” you’re doing will not save your soul but it will distract your from true salvation with indulgent spiritual nonsense. 

The route cause of our human suffering is ourselves - our bondage to sin. We are in fact the problem, therefore we CANNOT be solution. It is logistically impossible for the disease to also be the cure. Just look at the world today to see indisputable evidence of this.

If we keep searching within, hoping to find Truth, all we will discover is more and more of the same hopeless reality: that we humans are all ultimately selfish creatures who’s hearts are utterly corrupted by sin and we cannot save ourselves, no matter how hard we try. 

The Truth we are actually seeking lies beyond us. The understanding we desperately need is the unfathomable perfection of God, who is Love. We must come to know our Creator if we are to be made whole.

If we want to know the ultimate Truth of Life, of Love, we must look at the God who gave us this life. We must turn our eyes upon the One Who, unlike us, is righteous and Holy and can redeem our brokenness through his perfect Love. 

New age says “find love within” but that makes zero sense if you think about it logically: what we need is an external Saviour to rescue us from our selves. We need the help of the One who is above it all. The One who has already defeated the darkness we struggle against. We need divine support. We need redemption. We need someone we can trust. We need JESUS!

We need to wake up and see that the Truth is NOT within. The Truth is in Him!

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

(John 14:6)

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